About our TEAM

Mr. Rahul Mishra

Mr. Naveen Jha

Mr. Satish Gautam

Ms. Laxmi Yadav

Ms. Swati Verma

Mr. Rahul Mishra

Founder & Director

The person who has handled our company from last 7 years. He have given great importance to our company. We understand all our customers well and try to fulfill the needs of the customers in the shortest time or say that Complete within their stipulated time

Mr. Naveen Jha

Business Development Manager

Naveen has updated all the promotional activities of our company such as for you on our website. Our promotional activities can be checked through our YouTube channel, Instagram and Facebook, which Naveen keeps updating brilliantly.

Javed Saifi is also a work conscious person, who has given a lot of time to our company. All the work of artisans in our company is done under their supervision.

More Details in Under Maintanance

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